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Richard Wilmot

Head Of Coaching

I believe coaching has a profoundly positive impact on individual performance, team effectiveness and organisational success

How did you get into coaching? 

A lifelong interest in psychology led me to many years of private study and personal development before I started professional training to become a coach over 10 years ago. My enthusiasm is borne from an insatiable curiosity to discover what makes people tick and a recurring amazement by people’s ability to change and achieve things that were initially beyond reach.

How does coaching help individuals and organisations? 

Coaching has a profoundly positive impact on individual performance, team effectiveness and organisational success. I believe that the simple presence of an independent sounding board is in and of itself truly invaluable. Also, coaching helps to shine a light on ways of being and behaviours that are often unconscious and limit success. By leveraging strengths and developing awareness of limiting factors, new pathways to success open up which allow people to fulfil their potential.

What have been some of your professional highlights?

As a coach it is about pride in a client’s achievement and personal satisfaction about the part the coaching played.

What do you think makes a good coach?

Natural aptitude, extensive training and practical experience. I consider coaching to professional service like being an accountant, a lawyer or a doctor. It takes time and dedication to develop the skill to do the job well.

How do you define the success of a coaching assignment?

Very simply – when the client achieves success.

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your role?

Life experience is a valuable asset along with a non-judgemental attitude. The ability to listen carefully to what is and isn’t being said is immensely helpful as is proficiency with a wide range of coaching approaches and tools to help clients discover what they want to change and the motivation to accomplish it.

Richard Wilmot

Richard heads up the coaching practice and brings a wealth of experience to partner with those who wish to achieve outstanding results. He combines a broad range of expert coaching skills with an incisive commercial perspective and enjoys working with established and entrepreneurial clients in the financial and professional service sectors that value his deep industry experience and thoughtful, pragmatic approach. Prior to qualifying and practicing as an executive coach, Richard worked for 20 years in the financial services industry. He trained as a Chartered Accountant at PwC before joining Newton Investment Management where he ultimately took the role of Head of UK Equities and successfully ran the firm’s flagship growth strategy. Richard is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.