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In our Insights blogs and videos, our team share their latest thoughts on all aspects of personal and corporate development: from defining a culture to identifying tomorrow’s leaders…and much more. If you’d like to discuss any aspect, please contact us

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Latest Posts

By Gaelle Pritchard   Head of Assessment

26 October 2021

Which Kind of Assessment Should You Use in Your Organisation?

Comprehensive leadership assessments and online psychometric assessment tools both offer value. The key is to know how best to use them.

By Tim McEwan   Managing Director

26 October 2021

Understanding the Value of Followership

While everyone seems to want to be a great business leader, it’s easy to lose sight of why followership is equally important.

By Roderic Yapp   Leadership Consultant

9 September 2021

How To Work Whilst On Holiday

We all need time off to recharge and regain perspective but it’s almost impossible to avoid being contacted when you’re on holiday. Here’s how you can keep working whilst you’re away without burning out.

By Roderic Yapp   Leadership Consultant

9 September 2021

Do You Spend Too Much Time Thinking About Tomorrow?

The best way to achieve balance in your work – and to be more productive – is to develop your ability to be present and spend time reflecting on past performance.

By Tim McEwan   Managing Director

4 August 2021

The 3 key dangers for organisations’ return-to-office strategies in the months ahead

The most successful return-to-office strategies will be those that evolve over the next six to nine months. Here are the major pitfalls to avoid.

By Roderic Yapp   Leadership Consultant

21 July 2021

How coachable are you?

5 questions to help you find out

By Roderic Yapp   Leadership Consultant

9 July 2021

How to Shape Your Organisation’s Culture in a Hybrid Working Environment

Organisations can let events shape their culture, or they can shape it proactively.

By Gaelle Pritchard   Head of Assessment

7 July 2021

How To Create A Positive Executive Assessment Experience

Executive assessment should be a positive experience for a candidate. Here are some tips to help ensure they get the most out of it.

By Sheffield Haworth   

30 June 2021

How to Reset Your Business Post Covid

Organisations that fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. How can you prepare your business for the next crisis?

By Gaelle Pritchard   Head of Assessment

21 June 2021

Why it Pays to Invest in Assessment

With 20+ years working with CEOs, boards, and senior teams, Annette Andrews says companies should see recruitment and selection as an investment, and assessment as a key tool for maximising the return on that investment.

By Roderic Yapp   Leadership Consultant

11 June 2021

How to rebuild the social glue of your organisation in H2 2021

Focusing on rebuilding relationships and reconnecting your teams could be the best strategy for a smoother and more productive return to the office.

By Tim McEwan   Managing Director

7 June 2021

11 key leadership questions for planning your return to the office

Taking the time to ask some important questions now will help make for a smoother transition to the office in the weeks ahead.

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