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Whether by intention or accident, every company has a culture. We have the expertise to help management teams create, develop and instil the right culture…..a culture that delivers success.

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We believe…

  • Culture is the fabric of an organisation; a great culture can inspire and be a significant value enhancer.
  • Culture is created by behaviours which are driven by values and which are lived from the top down.
  • As an organisation you either choose to proactively design culture or try and change it further down the line.

Culture is the beating heart of an organisation. We believe in ‘culture value’; being able to create a multiplier effect on valuations. We also understand that culture is complex, often feeling intangible and a bit messy. You often know what you want by way of outcome but the route to get there is not clear, it can be long and you may need some help to create a map that is right for your organisation. 

Culture is unique to each organisation. Our role is to help you create that map for yourself. But we can’t do it for you, you must own it yourself. We can however, guide and be with you every step of the way. Some of the areas we are able to support with are:

  • Culture creation – starting from scratch
  • Culture reset – changing the status quo
  • Culture value – working with portfolio companies
  • Culture assessment – knowing what we have

Culture is more than just Employee Engagement surveys, values pinned on the wall and nice words written by a branding agency. We believe that culture permeates everything we do and shows up in all the decisions we make, whatever the focus on those decisions might be related to. To fully understand the impact of culture we should consider it on a number of fronts.

Risk engagement

Innovation mindset & pace

Commercial intelligence

Operational effectiveness

Managerial outcomes

Social attentiveness

Client focus

Recognise what our culture is right now

Articulate what we want our culture to be

Frame how we can align cultural states and make any required shifts

“…culture exists regardless. If left to its own devices, it shapes itself, with the inherent risk that behaviours will not be those desired. Employees will work out for themselves what is valued by the leaders to whom they report”

Para 2.10, P.7 The Salz Review, an Independent Review of Barclays Business Practices, April 2013

If you’re a business start-up in need of culture creation or if the culture in your organisation is keeping you awake at night, please get in touch.

Tim McEwan

Managing Director

Culture is the soul of an organisation and it needs to be fed and nurtured so it stays healthy and fit for purpose