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Throughout an individual’s career, there will be many periods where coaching is appropriate, sometimes even essential. Our coaches are available to work with your people, providing an effective balance of support and challenge to help them to manage change, overcome obstacles and fulfil their potential.

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We believe…

Coaching is a pragmatic and affordable way to develop people at any stage of their career. A coaching approach will emerge as the default leadership style in high performing and creative environments. The world of work has changed and will continue to do so. Coaching enables individuals, teams and organisations to navigate change and succeed.

Coaching is a process where an individual or team has the opportunity to develop capability and achieve goals that would otherwise be unattainable. In performance sports, all athletes have a coach (often a team of them) because the expertise, perspective and motivation the coach brings is considered a key ingredient to achieving desired outcomes. Awareness of the benefits of coaching has increasingly spread from sports to business and is now commonly regarded as a baseline requirement for success in the workplace. If you are looking to fulfil your potential or that of your people, then coaching is a tried and tested approach that helps you deliver when it matters most.

We take great care to find the right coach for the right client and be sure that the approach is tailored to the specific requirements of each engagement. Where possible, we seek to match not just the coaching skill but also the relevant career experience to enable a balanced and results-focused approach. Most of all, we strive to conduct ourselves with integrity in all that we do in the hope of becoming a trusted partner. We believe that this deepens the coaching relationship and accelerates meaningful change and success.  

Some of the areas coaching can assist with are:

Working with people as they navigate their career and particularly when there is change in their role and leadership responsibility

Supporting those in senior positions of leadership who value a trusted sounding board

Supporting transformational commercial, operational and digital strategies by enabling your people to adapt and lead the change

Exploring the psychology of risk and team dynamics to improve individual investment decision making and investment team effectiveness

Wherever you are on your career path and whatever challenges or opportunities your organisation or people might be experiencing, please contact us to learn how we can help.

Richard Wilmot

Head of Coaching

Coaching has a profoundly positive impact on individual performance, team effectiveness and organisational success. As a coaching team, our reward is when our clients achieve success